This Burden

Aug 3, 2017 by

I never had free will
Not as it relates to salvation
And my eternal destiny
Sure thought I did though
There’s no way
I could pick myself up
Out of the dirt on my own
Now I have “freed will.”
Like Paul on the road to Damascus
Hit with a blinding light
Before either of the twins were born
Before either did anything good or bad
“For Jacob I loved
and Esau I hated.”
Yes, the Potter has the right
He predestined, called,
justified, glorified
Irresistible efficacious grace
No one, “dead to sin.”
Can make that choice
No one comes to Him
Lest the Father draw him
The Holy Spirit illuminates
A heart is changed
Freed to see one’s inequity
Like those two in the garden
Nakedness experienced
Covering sought
Through repentance
And confession of faith
In Him, a new life
Yet a stranger in the world
Walking as in a graveyard
He said it wouldn’t be easy
Take up your cross and follow
If you will
“Remember, if they hate you,
they hated Me first.”
A Great Commission
Compelled to tell this Good News
Most won’t care
They think you’re crazy
Think you’re weak
The path is
Oh so narrow
Motivation to win souls
Oh so great
Spiritual warfare
Love the sinner
Hate the sin
But make the call
Stand for His truth
Being a jar of clay
A profound dichotomy
Such a treasure
This burden
-David Bruce

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