The USA – The Judeo/Christian Effect

Sep 3, 2013 by

The USA – The Judeo/Christian Effect

The USA was founded on a Judeo/Christian ethic that says “make it better” and “clean it up.” We continually seek ways to improve ourselves and our surroundings. As such, we find ourselves in the role as the world’s policeman. Rather than question why we are in this role, take heart that we are what we are. Our principled history makes us immediately take a stand for oppressed people everywhere. So when innocent children are gassed by a tyrant and their bodies are stacked like lumber, we cannot look away. We are compelled to act. We must respond in an automatic and involuntary manner. We may not always do things perfectly, and we often fall short of our objectives, but we try to do the right thing no matter what. The USA stands in stark contrast to a rapidly growing evil influence in the world. Without our resolve and influence for human rights and dignity the world would be a much darker place. If we ever relinquish our role the lights will go out. Evil will reign unabated and it will come to our shore. It will devour us. Pray for the USA and its leaders. Pray that we still fight the good fight.

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