The Bridge

Nov 17, 2015 by

I walked,
that narrow bridge,
for years.
I danced, skipped, and ran,
over that bridge.
Enveloped in fog,
I never saw the danger.
Never saw how deep,
the gorge was,
or how far,
the fall would be,
to certain death.
Then Your Spirit,
blew away the fog.
I was frozen in fear,
at what might have been.
Going from free will,
to “freed will,”
all that had been,
of great treasure to me,
was now of diminished value.
My good deeds,
were of no consequence.
It’s wasn’t the potential fall,
that I feared,
but that I had,
already fallen.
I stood there,
painfully aware of my guilt,
unable to hide,
my soul exposed.
I was sorry.
So very sorry.
You brought restoration,
and a changed heart.
By Your irresistible grace,
I was pardoned.
I walked into Your light,
Made alive.
Made new.
-David Bruce

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