My Personal Statement Of Faith

Aug 3, 2017 by

God’s first concern is not for my health, wealth, or even my happiness. His first concern is for my obedience. Through my obedience to His Word, I will find joy in all things – through Him! However, I have to confront my woeful human limitations. I am fallen. Complete obedience is not possible in my sinful human flesh. But God, graciously made available the ransom sacrifice of His Son, Jesus, to pay for my inequity. Only through faith in Jesus, can I be made righteous. Jesus death and resurrection paid it all!

God is not glorified by the car I drive, the house I live in, or anything else I can ever possess. It’s already all His anyway! God is most glorified, when through the pain, tribulation, and tears, that I often experience in this world, that I can still drop to my knees and praise Him. That through the darkness I sometimes walk through, I can still say, “God is good all the time – and all the time God is good!” God is after only one thing I possess – my heart. He asks me to give that heart to His Son, Jesus, in reverence of the complete and sufficient work He did, and in exchange I receive the promise of eternal life with Him. My inheritance through Jesus promises me that He will one day make all things new, and end all pain, suffering, and tears. I give my heart to Him. I lay it at His feet.

(NOTE: Permission is granted, actually it’s encouraged, for anyone to use the above to share, re-post, etc. as your own, or even just to say “ditto for me,” or “me too.”)

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