Do You Love Me?

Nov 10, 2015 by

The old man put down,
his coffee cup.
He looked at her, and asked,
“Do you love me?”
A decades old conversation,
began to repeat itself.
She looks up at him, and said,
as she always does,
“Of course I love you.”
And he continues . . .
“Will you always love me?”
She was ready with the answer,
like so many times before.
“Yes, I will always love you.”
He is relentless, as always . . .
“But, why do you love me?”
She was waiting, as always,
with the answer for this one too.
“I don’t know, I just do.
It’s a God thing, you know,” she says.
The old man smiles.
That same decades old smile.
He says to her,
“I love you too, but, I worry.
If I’m not here tomorrow,
I want you to be ok.
I want you to be happy.”
She looks at him, and says,
“Don’t worry,
I’ll be sad if that happens,
very sad for certain,
but I promise, I’ll be ok,
I’ll know where you are.”
He asks her, “And, where will I be?”
“Well,” she said,
“you’ll be with Jesus,
because He, “loses none of all,
that the Father gives Him,
and He raises them up in the last day.”
You really won’t have died at all,
you’ll just have moved on,
ahead of me,
and really just for a while,
until I join you.
You know that! So don’t worry.”
“I know,” he says,
“But I just wanted to hear it,
one more time.
And, I might have this conversation,
again sometime.”
“I know, she says,
I know.”
-David Bruce

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