Do You Know About Urokinase? – If Only Darwin Had!

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Do You Know About Urokinase? – If Only Darwin Had!

There was a drug that was commonly used for years in certain in-patient medical situations called Urokinase. Urokinase was very expensive and other methods of treating the conditions that Urokinase treated have been developed, so Urokinase use has been discontinued. However, the history of Urokinase is very interesting. Urokinase was administered via intravenous drip and was used as a blood clot inhibitor in people at high risk for developing blood clots. The reason for the high cost of Urokinase is that it was harvested from the placentas of pregnant woman after they gave birth. As the field of microbiology developed decades ago, medical researchers began to ask empirical questions in regard to certain situations that presented obvious implications. One of those situations was the question as to why a pregnant woman, under such physical stress during the bodily changes of pregnancy, would not produce life threatening blood clots. Researchers concluded that there must be some natural function that occurs in a woman during pregnancy, that prevents blood clots in a scenario where they would clearly be a problem. The researchers suspected the placenta could be involved and they were right. Medical research in 1947 discovered that as a woman’s body changes through the three trimesters of pregnancy, and the placenta as it develops, increasingly excretes an enzyme that works as a natural blood thinner. This enzyme prevents blood clots from developing that would certainly develop. A woman who for some reason could not produce this enzyme during pregnancy would never survive to deliver her baby. So tell me please, considering Charles Darwin’s theory of adaptation that is crucial to the overall theory of evolution, how could a female human being have adapted through an evolutionary process to develop this enzyme from which we got Urokinase? It simply could not have happened the way Darwin theorized. That particular enzyme had to be put there from the beginning or no females would have survived pregnancies over millions of years as Darwin theorizes to develop the enzyme. Evolution proposes that various species developed via adaptation. In many instances, since the development of microbiology and DNA sciences, Darwin’s theory has been completely nullified. Of course, Darwin knew nothing of modern day medical science. In the mid 1800’s when Darwin did his research all he had available to him was visual observation. A similar situation occurs when you accidentally cut yourself. In that instance, the body produces an enzyme that is sent to the site of the cut to clot the wound. As the wound clots, the body produces a second enzyme to ensure that the clotting doesn’t spread and become life threatening. How could the body have evolved to developed these enzymes? It couldn’t! They had to be there from the beginning. They had to have been designed as part of the original human structure. Darwin couldn’t have understood any of this. But he did through observation have some reservations regarding his theories. In his book, “On Origin of the Species”, Darwin admits that it, “Is preposterous to conclude that the human eye, given all it’s vast complexity, occurred via adaptation.” Darwin saw the problem with his theory as he could understand the complexity of the eye through simple observation, but imagine if he had understood the eye as we know it today, and how the eye amazingly refracts light through such a complex process? The modern fields of microbiology and DNA science have dropped a concrete wall in front of Darwin’s theory of evolution, but scientists don’t want to admit it as it would require them to glorify God as the Creator of heaven and earth and all things in them and on them. It’s a very sad situation. Because everyone will eventually acknowledge God as such. It will just depend on whether you do that in His presence, or isolated from Him for all of eternity. Darwin is dead! God is alive!

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