Breathless – (for Annabelle Grace Bruce)

Oct 27, 2015 by

There is a moment
When your lungs gasp for air
You catch your breath
As emotions overload

That’s how I felt
When I first saw you
Annabelle Grace
I was breathless

I pray you always see this world
With child like wonder
And praise the awesome God
Who formed your very being

Life will surely bring you
Many joys and sorrows
My hope is that your life’s journey
Will abound with tender moments

Remember that a clear conscience
Always makes for a soft pillow
And that life’s greatest treasures
Are gifts that come from the heart

Someday the sun will rise
In a world without me
Please never forget
That once I stood overwhelmed
With you in my arms
Annabelle Grace
And I was breathless
-David Bruce

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